125th Statehood
adj - 1. pertaining to or marking a period of 125 years
noun - 2. a 125th anniversary
3. a celebration marking such an anniversary

Licensed Products & Vendors


By Product:

Art Print: Wegleitner Fine Art

Art Print: Joshua Spies Fine Art

Badges: SymbolArts

Banners: Maximum Promotions (exclusive)

Belt buckles: SymbolArts

Caps: Maximum Promotions

Christmas ornament: SD Historical Society Foundation

Coins: SymbolArts

Firearms: S&S Promotional Group (exclusive)

Flags: Maximum Promotions (exclusive)

Jackets: Maximum Promotions

Key chains: SymbolArts

Lapel pins: SymbolArts

Sweatshirts: Maximum Promotions

T-shirts: Yankton Chamber of Commerce

T-shirts: Maximum Promotions

Yard Signs:  FastSigns of Pierre


By Company:

FastSigns of Pierre:  yard signs

Joshua Spies Fine Art: art print

Maximum Promotions: flags (exclusive), banners (exclusive), t-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, jackets

SD Historical Society Foundation: Christmas ornament

SymbolArts: badges, belt buckles, coins, key chains, lapel pins

S&S Promotional Group: firearms

Yankton Chamber of Commerce:  t-shirts

Wegleitner Fine Art: art print